8 Best Online Courses Platforms you can learn from.

These platforms help you to learn anything you want.
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Services: The platform offers affordable courses with high quality. You can choose from 155,000 online video courses. online learning platforms
Pricing: Udemy uses a pay-per-course service. Most courses are $25 to $200.
Payment methods:
• PayPal • Payoneer
• Udemy supports several different payment methods, depending on your account country and location.
Refund policy: All eligible courses purchased on Udemy can be refunded within 30 days.
Customer support: Email • Submit a request • FAQ.
Additional Features: Lifetime access to your courses

Services: Wyzant has a listing of over 63,000 qualified tutors. They offer courses online or in-person, where you can choose from different price ranges. Wyzant offers more than 300 subjects; however, Wyzant focuses more on academic tutoring. online learning platforms
For Tutors:
• Tutors set their own rate of pay, most commonly between $30 and $60 per hour.
• Wyzant retains 25% commission from a tutor’s hourly price.
For Students:
• Pay-as-you-go structure where students only have to pay for their study sessions.
• 9% service fee in addition to the hourly fee.
Refund policy: If students aren’t satisfied with the tutor, they get a full refund from Wyzant.
Payment methods: Credit cards • PayPal • Check.
Customer support:
• Phone: (312) 646-6365
• Email:
• Live chat
• Create a ticket

Services: Skooli offers one-on-one lessons, for elementary and junior (age 5-15), high school and college prep (age 15-18) and adult (age 18+). Skooli has tutors for multiple subjects, and the only language used is English. Skooli offers about 1700 subjects, including humanities, maths, languages, business and science. 
Pricing: online learning platforms
For Students:
• Skooli follows a pay-as-you-go model. Students only need to pay for the time consumed for tutoring.
• Students are billed $0.82 per minute of tutoring, for a minimum of 15 minutes, up to $49 for the hour.
For Tutors:
• Tutors can get paid out every time that they reach $100.
Customer support:
• Phone • Email • Help Center FAQs • Linkedin and Facebook to stay updated.

Services: Club Z proposes different options of tutoring, person-to-person at home or at the location. The platform offers more than 300 subjects. Times of tutoring depend on tutors’ availability. online learning platforms
For Students:
• Expecting to pay around $60 per hour (Including 5% fee).
• 4 hours: $231
• 8 hours: $415
• 12 hours: $554
For Tutors:
• Tutors are paid depending on the subjects they teach. An academic instructor makes $12-$26 while another hourly contractor can be paid $16-$30.
Customer support: Phone • Email.
Additional Features: Have virtual classrooms and all online lessons are recorded for future reference.

Services: Chegg offers all subjects from reading and algebra to nursing and engineering. Tutors has tutors available 24/7, with detailed overview of their qualifications, proficiency and teaching experience. online learning platforms
For Students:
• Chegg has different pricing plans for students:
• Chegg Study: $14.95/per month (Access to up to five step-by-step textbook solutions per month)
• Chegg Study Pack: $19.95/per month (It ups Chegg Study with tough math equations, providing step-by-step guidance)
• Annually Subscription: $74.95 (Access to Basic Services Only)
For Tutors:
• The hourly rate can range from $20 to $22.
Payment methods: PayPal.
Customer support: Phone • Live chat • Social media support.
Supported devices: Students can choose to interact with tutors by chat, audio, video, and a live whiteboard which the tutor and the student can use to collaborate.

Services: TutorMe is an online tutoring service, which concentrates on immediate help 24/7. The platform operates worldwide and offers help in more than 300 subjects on all academic levels. Tutoring sessions will take place in the student’s homes or preferred location. online learning platforms
• Basic pricing is based on a monthly subscription. But there are several other options.
• Pay ranges between $20-65 per hour depending on experience.
• $29.75 per hour for 4 hours plan per month.
• Students can use a “pay-as-you-go” method too.
• Tutor Me offers also free trial.
Payment methods: PayPal • Major credit cards.
Customer support: Phone • Live chat • Social media accounts (including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter).
Supported devices: Students can access video conferencing, audio and text chat, shared whiteboard space, and file sharing.

Services: Skillshare is a digital platform designed to connect students with online courses taught by experts, creators, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Skillshare accepts classes in all languages, but the primarily language is English. Skillshare doesn’t only offer classes for individuals, it also offers plans for businesses and teams. The platform has over 8,000 tutors within its community. online learning platforms
• Free trial.
• Premium membership: $19 per month.
• Teams accounts: $99 per person per year.
Payment methods: Credit card • PayPal.
Customer support: Email (

Services: Teachable offers more than 68,000 course creators of high quality. online learning platforms
Free Plan: $1 + 10% of any sales.
Basic: $39/Mo + 5% of sales.
Professional: $99/Mo, no sales fees.
High volume: $299/Mo, no sales fees.
Refund policy: Teachable has a mandatory 30-day refund policy on all sales made through their payment gateway.
Payment methods: Stripe • PayPal.
Customer support: Email • Chat • Knowledge Base • FAQs/Forum.
Additional Features:
• Marketing and analytics tools.
• Supports most type of courses.
• Teachable takes care of the design, product page, hosting, etc.
• Unlimited students, video storage, etc.

Learning platforms deliver lessons online rather than in traditional classrooms. The student need computer, mobile phone or tablet to follow the lessons. Learning online is a new way to acquire skills and knowledge in the comfort of your own home. This service allows students to use it easily anywhere and at any time. There are many types of online courses, some of which are offered by educational institutions, while others are produced by experts in their field. These sites focus on providing a wide range of different lessons from a range of professional teachers. There are many benefits to online courses. Students can follow lessons at their own pace and allow them to continue working and maintain their social life. online learning platforms