11 Best Blogging Platforms To Start A blog.

Blogging platforms offer a space where you can write and share your views on a particular topic. It is an online magazine that displays information in reverse chronological order, with the most recent publications appearing first, at the top. Each blog consists of different posts that can contain text, videos, images or bitmap addresses.
There are many reasons why blogging is popular. It covers almost every aspect of life, such as travel, food, technology, earning money online, etc. Visitors can comment and interact with you or your brand which helps you to build a network of loyal followers. It also helps companies to keep customers informed and to improve their level of satisfaction. It has been proven that a company that blogs get more customers and sales than a company that doesn’t have a blog.
To start a blog, you need to choose a name and topic for your blog. Next, you need to choose a blogging platform that suits you. We offer practical information on the most popular platforms, making it easy for you to choose what suits you best.

Services: Blogger offers 12 themes and users can choose from a wide selection of third-party themes. Blogger is available in 60+ languages. It also supports right-to-left languages, with right-to-left templates available.
Pricing: Everything is free, and no hidden fees. Best blogging platforms
Customer Support: Blogger doesn’t have a dedicated customer support team. But it offers user guides, articles and Community forums.
Additional Features:
• Easy-to-use templates
• Drag-and-drop blog editing interface
• Built-in analytics
• Integrated with Google AdSense and Google Ads
• Unrestricted HTML and CSS experimentation
• Unlimited bandwidth and 100% uptime

Services: The platform allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Tumblr supports 7 different kinds of posts, such as experiences, thoughts, opinions, and others. It also supports image, audio and video files. Best blogging platforms
Customer types: Small business • Medium business • Enterprise
Pricing: Free.
Customer Support: Phone • Online.
Language Support: English
Devices Supported: Desktop • iOS • Android.
Additional Features: 
• Blog management
• Page customization tools
• Custom domain name

Services: The platform is mainly used to showcase portfolios, digital resumes, events, startup projects, and to create personal branding websites. The website builder also includes built-in SEO features, social media plug-ins, page analytics, and form/email collecting functionalities. Users can also add a blog and an online store (500 products max).
Customer types: Small business • Medium business • Enterprise.
Pricing: Free: $0 • Limited: $8 • Pro: $16 • VIP: $49.
Payment methods: Credit cards • Stripe • Apple Pay.
Customer Support: Phone • Chat • Email • FAQ.
Language Support: The editor itself is available in 10 languages.
Devices Supported: Desktop • iOS • Android. Best blogging platforms

Services: The platform lets users to create a weblog and publish articles.
Pricing: Best blogging platforms
• The company follows revenue sharing policy that they split with the author on the basis of 60/40.
• This means that 60% of the time your ads are displayed on your pages and 40% of the time HubPages displays their ads on your weblog.
Payment methods: Paypal.
Additional Features:
• Integration with Self-Hosted Blog
• Publishing Tools
• Writer Support
• Real-time tracking

Services: The Drupal core installation can serve as a simple website, a single- or multi-user blog, and Internet forum. Best blogging platforms
Pricing: Free.
Customer Support :
• Email/Help Desk
• FAQs/Forum
• Knowledge Base
• Chat
Language Support: The default language is English plus 100 other languages. Drupal supports also right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew.
Additional Features:
• System administration
• Drag and drop functionality

Services: Weebly is easy-to-use website builder that’s perfect for small business and portfolio websites. The platform offers the possibility to launch a blog, online store, portfolio and personal website.
Pricing: Best blogging platforms
For Websites: Free: $0 • Connect: $5 • Pro: $10 • Business: $20
For Online Stores: Pro: $10 • Business: $20 • Business Plus: $30
Payment methods: Stripe • PayPal • Square
Customer Support: Phone (1-844-493-3259) • Email • Live chat
Additional Features:
• Domains and hosting
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Mobile site optimization
• eCommerce integration
• Built-in image editor
• Video backgrounds
• Social media marketing

Services: Medium is a platform where users can post their ideas and viewpoints and share them with the public. Medium encourages users to create posts longer than 140-character up to 280-character (longer than Twitter’s). Best blogging platforms
Pricing: Free
Language Support: Available in English (specific publications can be in Spanish, French, and other languages)
Devices Supported: Web-based • Android • iPhone/iPad
Additional Features:
• Basic SEO Tools
• Article Monetization
• Revision History
• Interests Customization

Services: Joomla offers different templates for different contents. It has about 8,000 extensions (plugins) listed at the official Joomla extension library.
List of Best Joomla Blogging Tools:
K2: Free Joomla blog Extensions.
EasyBlog: A Premium Joomla Blog Solution. Best blogging platforms
ZOO: A Powerful Blog Extension for Joomla.
RSBlog: Premium Joomla Blog Extension.
CJBlog: Free Social Blogging Component.
Additional Features:
• Easy to use for everyone.
• Modules for promoting the blog across your website.
• Integrates with just about anything you would need for your blog.
• Layout and design integration with most templates.
• Most flexibility for choosing your own features and integrations.
• Multilingual support.

Services: is a blogging platform that allows user to publish online, build a business and work from home by creating their own blog.
Pricing: Basic: Free • Pro: $29/month
Payment methods: Paywall.
Additional Features:
• Minimalist design.
• Built-in SEO.
• Built-in Social Sharing.
• Free SSL. Best blogging platforms
• Apps And Integrations.

Services: Site123 website builder is more suitable for personal sites and small business, blog, photography, music, event, restaurant, creative arts, online store. Site123 offers more than 100 pre-built website designs and more than 100 themes. Site123 offers users the ability to add 29 social media platforms.
Pricing: Best blogging platforms
Basic: $10.80/month
Advanced: $16.80/month
Professional: $22.80/month
Gold: $28.80/month
Payment methods: PayPal • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Diners Club).
Customer Support: Phone • Email • FAQ • Live Chat (in 16 additional languages).
Additional Features: 
• Responsive Website Design
• Online Store Builder
• Integrations and Third-Party Plugins
• Free hosting
• SEO tools