10 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms you can Use.

Check out these 10 renowned and popular affiliate marketing programs that you can use it on your website, blog or social medias to earn money. 
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Services: ClickBank offers 60-day cookies duration. Affiliate Marketing Platforms
• ClickBank is free for anyone.
• Vendor must pay a one-time activation fee of $49.95.
Payment Threshold: $10.
Minimum sales: 5 sales before users can receive a payment.
Refunds: 90-day money-back guarantee.
Payment Methods: Check • Direct Deposit • Wire Transfer • Payoneer.
Customer Support: ClickBank keeps their publisher support system to a bare minimum.

Services: Amazon Affiliate offers 24 hours cookies duration. Affiliate Marketing Platforms
Pricing: No cost to sign-up as an affiliate.
Affiliate commissions: Range from 1% to 10% depending on product category. 
Payment Threshold: $10 for Amazon gift card or direct deposit.
Payment Methods: Bank transfer • Gift card • Checks.
Customer Support: Email • Phone • Live chat.

Services: Cookies duration depend on the specific merchant you sign up with. Affiliate Marketing Platforms
• AWIN is completely free.
• Deposit $5 sign up is required.
Commission rate: Depends on the specific merchant you sign up with. Some products offer a 50% commission, whereas other products offer 10%.
Payment Threshold: $20.
Payment Methods: PayPal.
Customer Support: Phone • Chat • Email • Knowledge Base • FAQs/Forum.

Services: Commission Junction offers 7 days kookies duration. Affiliate Marketing Platforms
• Free Trial
• Quote-based Plan
Commission rate: Commissions are processed according to CJ Affiliate’s standard schedule.
Payment Threshold:
• Direct Deposit: US$50.
• Check: US$100.
Payment Methods: Payoneer • Check • Direct Deposit.
Customer Support: Phone • Live Chat • Email • Tickets • Training.
Language Support: English • Swedish.

Services: Skillshare offers 12 months (365 days) cookie duration. Affiliate Marketing Platforms
• Initial investment of $650 for starter merchant.
• Publishers pay a $25 monthly fee if their account’s balance is below $50.
• ShareASale will delete the account if the balance is below $25.
Payment Threshold: Minimum amount is $50.
Payment Methods: Direct Deposit • Mailed Check • Payoneer.
Customer Support: Email • knowledge base.

Services: The company offers 18 million products spread out over 22 different categories. The affiliate network has 5,000+ merchants (advertisers), and more than 800,000 active affiliates. Affiliate Marketing Platforms
Cookie duration: Lifetime.
• Free for 14-days, then $29/month.
• Free for 14-days, then $289/year.
Commissions: Affiliates can earn up to 100%.
Payment Threshold: Minimum payment $50.
Payment Methods: PayPal • Payoneer • Strip • Payment rails • JVZoo • Check • Direct deposit.
Customer Support: Customer support is provided by the vendor directly to their customers.

Services: Cookies duration depend on the specific merchant you sign up with; usually 90 days.
Pricing: $500 per month.
Payment Threshold: $25 for ACH • $50 for checks • $100 for international bank transfer.
Payment Methods: PayPal • Check • Wire Transfer • Direct Deposit • ACH Transfer.
Customer Support: Email: • Phone: (805) 324-6021 • Live Chat.

Services: FlexOffers offers a 30-day cookie duration. Affiliate Marketing Platforms
• The network is free for publishers.
• Advertisers have to pay $500 upfront plus a deposit of $100 (basic package).
Payment Threshold: $25 for Payoneer • $100 for Paypal • $5,000 for Wire Transfer.
Payment Methods: Bank transfer • Wire transfer • Check • PayPal • Payoneer.
Customer Support: Phone (303-999-9940) • Email ( • Live chat • FAQ.

Services: Skimlinks offers up to 7 days Cookie duration. Affiliate Marketing Platforms
Pricing: Skimlinks is free.
Payment Threshold: Minimum payment threshold: $65.
Payment Methods: Direct deposit • PayPal.
Customer Support: Phone • Email • Live chat.

Services: PartnerStack offers 90 days cookie duration. Affiliate Marketing Platforms
Pricing: Pricing for companies is from $500/m + 15% fee on partner payouts.
Payment Threshold: $5 USD.
Payment Methods: PayPal • Stripe.
Customer Support: Phone • Email • Knowledge Base.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms promote products online through your website or other social media channels. The concept of affiliate marketing is relatively simple: you sign up for one of these programs and, if accepted, get a link to the product you want to promote and use on your website. If someone purchases this product or service using this URL, you earn a commission.

The latest statistics show that 81% of brands and 84% of publishers support affiliate marketing, and the trend continues to increase every year. There are many benefits to marketing, as you can generate passive income and work from home. You can also start this business at a low cost as there are no affiliate program fees. Social media influencers are well positioned to benefit from affiliate marketing platforms. Bloggers and website owners can also benefit from marketing programs.