The best platforms to start a business online.

platforms to work online from home

The trend to make money online from home is increasing year by year. Statistics show that e-commerce generated about $3.5 trillion in sales in 2019. There will be more than 2.5 billion consumers online by the end of 2021. This essentially means that 25% of the world’s population conducts e-commerce transactions. The sector is expected to witness further growth in the future. Studies predict that e-commerce will experience a growth rate of 265% in the future, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021. Home
best platforms to work from home
It is estimated that in 2020 there were around 24 million e-commerce websites selling products online. Global e-commerce sales have been steadily devouring the worldwide retail market. In fact, e-commerce will account for 17.5% of all global retail sales by 2021.  Mobile devices accounted for 44.7% of all e-retail sales in the US in 2019

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